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About Us

Qorianka is a travel agency that was born in 2009, whose name comes from the Quechua words “Qori”, which means gold and “Anka”, which means eagle. Eagles have a large, powerful and pointed beak to shed the meat of their prey. The strength of the eagles makes it possible to lift prey much heavier than they. In addition, they have extremely keen eyesight that allows them to view potential prisoners from a distance.

Eagles are very intelligent birds. For example, in Greece golden eagles eat turtles; they drop them from great heights onto rocks to open their hard shells. These birds have been used by many peoples as a national symbol and especially an imperial symbol, showing both power and beauty. Most raptors, if they have a predator behind them, have a habit of looking over their shoulders. Eagles, on the other hand, are confident enough to think that no one will dare to attack them.

Legal Company Certificate

The Regional Tourism Directorate of Cusco certifies that Qorianka Tours is registered in the National Directory of Qualified Tourist Service Providers.

Operating License

The Provincial Municipality of Cusco grants the operating license to Qorianka Tours in both locations, verifying compliance with the requirements, according to law No. 28976.

Secure Establishment Seal

The Regional Directorate of Tourism of Cusco and the Regional Directorate of Health certify that Qorianka Tours complies with the protocols and recommendations of biosecurity.

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