Blog on our Machu Picchu trip

«There’s a groupon for Machu Picchu…wanna go?» Well, yes….although it wasn’t on my immediate radar. Since retirement, we have spent considerable sums on high end travel – ironic for a couple known as die-hard cheapskates. I discovered recently that I have no problem spending huge amounts of money, but I buckle to save $5 on a bottle of wine. So, the Gate One deal was a steal and included flights from Miami, all inter-country transportation, all entry fees, and most meals. The catch – it’s a group tour.

I have a history of mooing under my breath as we encounter tour groups when we travel. Slow moving, rotund groups, asking silly questions that makes one think that they never should have left the comforts of home – but I digress, we were soon to become part of the herd – all to save a few bucks. I convinced myself that we NEEDED a tour as the logistics would be daunting to plan on my own. Anyway, it was a done deal within 15 minutes of the initial question, and we were designing strategies on how we could politely ditch our fellow travelers to save our sanity.

Ever looking at how to save a buck, I decided to book our flights to Miami so we would arrive in the late morning (to save on hotel costs), stow our luggage at the Miami airport and take the Airport Flyer to Miami Beach.

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