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Puno is a city in southeastern Peru, capital of the Department of Puno, located on the shores of Lake Titicaca ...
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Alpacas in Perú

The alpaca is a species related to the vicuña. Domestication has been going on for thousands of years. The scientific ...
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Llamas in Perú

The llama is the largest camelid in South America. It is a domestic mammal that abounds in the highlands of ...
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Taquile Island

Taquile Island is the largest island in Lake Titicaca, known as the "island of the children of the sun", 35 ...
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Guinea Pig in Perú

The name cuy comes from the Quechua QUWI, an onomatopoeic name that it carries in some regions of South America ...
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Lake Titicaca

The highest navigable lake in the world is a spectacle wherever you look at it. Surrounded by dense vegetation where ...
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Huacachina Oasis in Perú

An oasis and a small village located west of the city of Ica makes Huacachina an amazing destination. At its ...
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Paracas National Reserve

The Paracas National Reserve has more than 43 years of creation as one of the protected natural areas that allows ...
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Nazca Lines

The so-called "Nazca Lines" (also written as Nasca), in the middle of the desert in south-central Peru, continue to intrigue ...
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Salkantay Mountain

One of the most incredible ways to visit Machu Picchu is through the Salkantay trek. This 5-day and 4-night trekking ...
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Ausangate Glacier

Ausangate (Apu Ausangate in Quechua) is located southeast of the city of Cusco and is the fifth highest mountain in ...
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Lima Capital of Perú

Lima, the capital and largest city of Peru, was founded by the Spanish conqueror Francisco Pizarro in 1535, as the ...
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