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Peruvian Cuisine

Today Peruvian Cuisine preserves much of the legacy left by those who inhabited the empire prior to the conquest and ...
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Peruvian Ceviche

Ceviche is a typical dish of Peruvian cuisine and has been so successful that its flavors have spread to other ...
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Pisco Sour of Perú

There are few cocktails that achieve such a perfect and balanced taste as Pisco sour. Its mixture of flavors, its ...
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Mother Earth Festival in Cusco

The celebration for the Mother Earth Festival is an event that takes place in Cusco City, it is a celebration ...
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New year’s eve in Cusco Perú

The city of Cusco, "the navel of the world", is one of the most special places to wait with overflowing ...
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Santurantikuy in Cusco 2021

This is a fairly important fair that takes place in the city of Cusco in the month of December, specifically ...
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The Lord of Miracles in Perú

Also called, Cristo Morado or Cristo de Pachacamilla, it is an image of Christ on the cross, painted on an ...
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Lord of Huanca in Cusco, Perú

The pilgrimage of the Lord of Huanca in Perú is an important celebration that takes place in Cusco and has ...
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Blood Festival of Perú

Every year the residents of Coyllurqui, Cotabambas province, Apurímac, capture a condor to celebrate the “Yawar Fiesta” or Blood Festival ...
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Festival of the Virgin Carmen in Perú 2021

The Virgin Carmen Festival in Perú is one of the most important and colorful cultural and religious expressions in the ...
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Festival of San Juan in Perú 2021

The festival of San Juan in Perú is the most important and overflowing celebration of the peoples of the Peruvian ...
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Holy Week in Perú

The celebrations of Holy Week have a deep roots in the Peruvian population and its customs because of its historical ...
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