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Holy Week in Cusco 2021

Holy Week in the Christian liturgical year is the week before Easter that begins with Lent and Palm Sunday. A ...
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Lord of the Earthquakes in Cusco

The Lord of the Earthquakes, Cristo Negro or Taitacha de los Temblores is an image of the crucified Christ was ...
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Candelaria Festival in Perú 2021

During February of each year, the shores of Lake Titicaca are the scene of one of the most colorful and ...
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Cusco to Lima Bus

There was a time when all the roads that crossed the Tahuantinsuyo began and ended in the magical city of ...
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Cusco Airport

Next we will give you the steps to follow to get to Cusco from abroad. The first step is to ...
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Weather by month in Cusco Perú

The climate in the city of Cusco is relatively mild, with cold nights and sunny days. The weather is very ...
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Weather in the Amazon Rainforest

The extensive Peruvian jungle, crossed by the mighty Amazon River, can be divided into two very different areas: the high ...
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Weather in Perú Coast

The Peruvian coast has the shape of an extensive desert lying in the mountains. And it is precisely the presence ...
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Embassies and Consulates in Perú

The embassies and consulates in Perú are foreign service bodies that organically depend on the Vice-Ministerial Office and functionally on ...
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Emergency Telephone Numbers in Perú

The US Department of State classifies travel to Peru as generally safe, with the need for additional precautions in some ...
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Cusco Religious Circuit Ticket

The Cusco Religious Circuit is a tourist route for more than 400 years of history, art and faith of the ...
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Huayna Picchu Tickets

The Huayna Picchu entrance offers one of the most incredible experiences in Machu Picchu. This ticket is the one that ...
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