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Machu Picchu Mountain Tickets

Machu Picchu has 4 types of tickets to enter it and enjoy all its natural and architectural beauty. Of these ...
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Machu Picchu Schedule

Did you know that now the entrance to Machu Picchu is in 9 shifts: from 6 a.m. It is entered ...
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Machu Picchu Tickets 2020

Buying the ticket to Machu Picchu is the easiest and fastest way to get your entrance ticket to the wonder ...
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Cusco Tourist Ticket

Also known as B.T.C. The Cusco tourist ticket allows you to enter 16 places of tourist interest that are in ...
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Machu Picchu with kids

Traveling as a family to the lost city of the Incas of Machu Picchu is a truly enriching experience and ...
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Coca Leaves in Perú

The coca leaves in Perú is a plant related to medicine since time immemorial, a plant whose leaves were offered ...
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How to Avoid Altitude Sickness in Perú

When you start researching Peru and its destinations, many blogs warn of something that can terrify tourists: altitude sickness. Although ...
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Huascarán National Park

Awesome. There is no other word. A paradise surrounded by imposing glaciers that bathe the mountain range and are the ...
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Chavín de Huántar in Perú

Among the imposing mountains of the department of Áncash, in Peru, there is an enigmatic place that hides a very ...
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Chan Chan Archaeological Zone in Perú

Just a step away from Trujillo, Chan Chan City in Perú stands up, imposing. An impressive mud citadel, declared by ...
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Temple of the Sun and Moon Perú

Among the fascinating ruins of the department of La Libertad, in the city of Trujillo is one of the most ...
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Zorritos Beach in Perú

The Zorritos Beach in Perú is located 28 km from Tumbes. Here in the corridors the “El Niño” or Ecuatorial ...
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