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Bungee Jumping Cusco

Cusco, is undoubtedly a unique and unforgettable experience, made from a suspended platform more than 120 meters high, which qualifies us as the highest bungee in Latin America, this activity is carried out in our park which is located 15 minutes away from the city of Cusco.

With a suspended platform over 120 meters high, listed as the highest bungee in Latin America, bungee jumping will be one of the best experiences of your vacation. We are located just minutes from the city of Cusco.

Our jumps are with a special rope, designed exactly for this kind of activities, this rope is fixed to the feet of our client who also has a body harness which is firmly attached to a safety strap. The security is complete with what is guaranteed an extremely intense jump.

The incredible experience of the Bungee Jump Rope ½ days is an incredible adventure that will fill us with adrenaline on our way to discover the wonderful sanctuary of Machupicchu. Considered the tallest sport in all of Latin America, it is actually an experience that cannot be missed.

This experience is ideal for all travelers, we just have to consider that the height is quite steep, so you must be over 12 years old if you want to participate and naturally have an adequate physical condition. It can be done individually, as a couple or with friends with whom to share emotions and also as a family if possible.

Where it takes place

It takes place in the Action Valley adventure park in Poroy, one of the eight that make up the province of Cusco, this district extends over 14.96 square kilometers and has an altitude of 3 499 meters above sea level.

Getting to the point to perform bungee jumping

In the Peruvian Andes, just 11 kilometers from the Imperial city of Cusco, in the Poroy district, 10 minutes (in Tico) from the Plaza de Armas; is ACTION VALLEY, the first and only Adventure Park in Peru with 8 years in the market and an experience of 8 years in Bungee Jump and Slingshot activities.


The free fall distance is 122 meters it is one of the biggest bungee jumping platforms in South America. Professionals will guide and advise you for a good jump, offering you security.


To carry out this adventure it is not necessary to have previous experience, it can be done by all people who want to overcome their fears, free themselves from stress and experience adrenaline to the fullest.


This sport can be done at any time of the year, it is recommended between the months of April and October, a time when there is no rain.

Why book this tour?

  • Challenge your limits with a 122 meter high jump.
  • Recharge your body and mind with adrenaline.


Depending on the time reserved to carry out your Bungee Jumping activity, we will pass by your hotel located in the city center to take you to our offices, where you will meet the rest of the participants, it is very important that you bring your original ID or Passport document. to proceed to sign a contract and then start our adventure.

We will take our vehicle and head to our adventure park, located 20 minutes from the city of Cusco. Upon arrival at the park you will be received by our guides who will give you a brief explanation of the activities to be carried out and then proceed to a small warm-up.

The activity lasts approximately 1 hour depending on the number of participants and the number of activities chosen. Once the activities are finished, our transport will bring them back to the same point of departure in Cusco.

Daily Departures

It includes:

  • Round trip transportation
  •  Security equipments
  •  League according to weight
  •  Professional instructors
  •  Certificate


  • Photos and Videos (ask for prices in our park)


13 years. If you meet the required conditions.


65 years

* Minors with authorization and presence of parents, in case of guardian, request permission document from Action Valley.

* People over the age of 65 will be allowed to jump, after a medical evaluation, and knowing that they are not covered by our insurance.

It is recommended:

  • Comfortable clothes
  • Blocker
  • Sunglasses
  • Jacket
  • Positive attitude


45 kg. (99 lb.)


115 kg. (253 lb.)


  • Heart problems
  •  Hypertension
  •  Column Problems.
  •  varicose veins
  •  Recent fractures in upper and / or lower limbs
  •  Pregnancy


In our shared services, we will pick up our clients from their hotel as long as it is in the city center.

In our shared services, at the end of the tour, we leave our clients in a place near the Main Square, it is easier to return to their hotel on foot than to go on the bus, since the traffic is terrible. If your hotel is far from the city center, bring extra cash to take a taxi.

The pick-up and arrival times are referential, this will depend on the traffic that may be found in the streets or the delay of other clients, our assistant will arrive at your hotel on time, but sometimes the transport could be delayed for a few minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

 Is it required of some kind of Special Physical Abilities to jump?

To perform the jumps in our Center, no special particular aptitude is necessary.

We have a minimum age to practice these activities, which is 16 years old.

Only, as in any other sport, it is contraindicated for people with heart problems, neurotics, medium-high functional disabilities, risks of epileptic seizures, … for any of these cases a medical control is suggested for the practice of these activities.

What if i don’t decide to jump? Will the instructor force me or push me?

If you do not decide to jump, even if you have all the equipment on and you are in the jumping place, you can communicate your refusal.

The instructor will help you return to the equipment area and remove your equipment.

The instructor will never push you or force you to jump, but he will try to help you jump if you ask.

Are there any health risks?

No, this activity does not have any kind of health risk. Even so, Outdoor Jumping deploys high security measures.

 How many shapes or styles can I jump in?

Outdoor has two styles of jumps, which are Bungee Jumping and Bungee jumping.

Within each style you have different forms of jumps according to: type of anchors (feet, waist, back, …), people who jump (simple or tandem) and exit forms (backwards or forwards ).

What kind of equipment is needed for the jump?

All the necessary equipment is provided by the company. No special clothing is required.

The personal equipment consists of two harnesses. One in charge of absorbing the impact (minimum impact) and the second is a safety harness.

 Are there contraindications for those who wear contact lenses?

Not for the jumps that Outdoor sells. But if you want, you can ask us for special glasses to jump without any problem for your eyes.

Can I take pictures or / and video footage of a partner who is going to jump?

At all times. But taking into account the following rule:

“You can never take photos or video shots with the body off the bridge railing.”



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