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Emergency Telephone Numbers in Perú

The US Department of State classifies travel to Peru as generally safe, with the need for additional precautions in some areas near the Colombian border and in the south-central region called VRAEM. Most of the more than 3 million travelers to the country never need assistance from emergency services. But if you find yourself in a potentially dangerous situation, you want to be prepared for a quick reaction.

Connect the phone numbers for the country’s emergency services to a cell phone if you plan to carry one that works locally, or stick a piece of paper with the listings in your wallet, passport, or other easily accessible place. Please note that you cannot reach an English speaking operator, so be prepared to explain your problem in Spanish or ask for the help of a translator. You can call any of the national emergency numbers for free.

Emergency Telephone Numbers in Perú


For general emergencies that require police assistance, such as theft, minor traffic accidents, drug-related crimes or acts of violence, dial the country’s central emergency number at 105. Similar to 911 in the United States, this number puts you in touch with a country clearance service. You can also dial 911 in Peru to connect to this emergency service.

For specific police stations and special divisions, visit the website of the Peruvian National Police.

For less urgent situations, such as noise complaints or other non-violent disturbances, you can call the Serenazgo in Lima, a municipal security force that operates in support of the national police, albeit with a much more limited jurisdiction. Outside of Lima, look online (or in person) for individual offices.

As a tourist, you can get more help for non-violent incidents from the Peruvian tourist police.

For general tourist information and assistance, call Iperú.

Fire brigade

The central emergency number 116 puts you in contact with the Peruvian General Volunteer Fire Department, the national (and volunteer) fire brigade of Peru. They respond to fires, traffic and other accidents, and smaller medical emergencies.


To send an ambulance in the event of a medical emergency, call the Mobile Emergency Medical Care System (SAMU), a free service provided by the Peruvian Ministry of Health, at 106. However, keep in mind that the definition of emergency in Peru it strictly applies to life-threatening situations.

If SAMU does not operate in the area where you need medical assistance, you can also get emergency medical help through the police (105) and the fire brigade (116), but the quality of service varies greatly. Fire units are generally better equipped to deal with medical emergencies.

Alternatively, you can call a private ambulance service, but you will have to pay out of pocket for the race unless you are a member. Private ambulance services include:

Medical Alert – 416-6777 (only inland districts of Lima)

Code – 313-4333 (only Metropolitan Lima and Callao)

Line 100

Line 100 is a free service that is open 24 hours a day and is aimed at people who are victims of family or sexual violence.

Highway Police (110)

If you find yourself in a problem while you are going on a highway in Peru, you can call 110, the number of our highway police.

Civil Defense (115)

When it comes to natural disasters, Civil Defense is the first line of response. It is the public body in charge of assisting people affected by disasters. To contact them you just have to call 115.

Remember that these numbers are exclusively for emergencies. So no false or funny calls, as it is a crime.

Other Emergency Telephone Numbers in Perú

Call the Civil Defense emergency number at 119 in the event of an earthquake or other natural disasters in Peru. To reach the non-emergency line, call 511-224-1685.

You can reach the Peruvian Red Cross (Cruz Roja Peruana) in Lima at the contact number 01-266-0481.

Embassies and consulates in Perú

Main Embassies and Consulates of the World in Peru


Juan Bermúdez 143, Santa Beatriz – Lima, 2nd floor.

(01) 440-2095


Los Castaños 235 – San Isidro – Lima

(01) 433-5704


Avenida Pardo, 850 – Miraflores – Lima

(01) 512-0830


Bolognesi 228 (Height Block 7 Av. Pardo) – Miraflores – Lima

(01) 319-3200


Avenida Javier Prado Oeste, 790 – San Isidro – Lima

(01) 710-2211


Av. José Granda 150 – San Isidro. P.O. Box 375

(01) 442-9458 / 4429467


Avenida Jorge Basadre 1580, San Isidro – Lima

(01) 441-0530


Calle Baltazar la Torre 828 (Alt. Block 17 General Pezet) – San Isidro.

(01) 264-2711


Av. Las Palmeras N. 356 -San Isidro, Lima

(01) 212-4027 / 212-4171 / 212-4161


Av. Jorge Basadre 498 – San Isidro – Lima

(01) 212-5155


Avenida de la Encalada S / N – Block 17 Monterrico – Santiago de Surco – Lima

(01) 618-2000


Av. Arequipa 3415 – San Isidro – Lima

(01) 215-8400


Avenida Giuseppe Garibaldi, 298 (ex Gregorio Escobeado) – Jesús María – Lima

(01) 433-5704


Avenida San Felipe 356 – Lima

(01) 219-9500


Camphor 1286 – Miraflores – Lima

(01) 444-1310


Tudela and Varela 360 – San Isidro – Lima

(01) 421-9767

How to make phone calls?


Dial first: 51 + (department code) + (phone number)


(Department code) + (Telephone number)

Emergency Telephone Numbers in Perú

TOURISM POLICE: 084 – 221961


AIRPORT: 084 – 222611

IMMIGRATION: 084 – 222741

TAXIS COMPANIES: 084 – 255000

Hospitals and clinics in Cusco


Manzanares 264 Avenue

084 – 229955/084 – 231340


Avenida de La Cultura, 1410 – Wanchaq

084 – 582060

“TRAVEL CLINIC”, You are not alone

Puputi Street 148

084 – 221213/084 – 225407

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