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Pucallpa Jungle in Perú

The beautiful city of Pucallpa, whose name means “Tierra Colorada” is located in the Callería district, in the Coronel Portillo province, within the Ucayali department and is the district, provincial and regional capital.

This beautiful city of Pucallpa is characterized by having a tropical climate throughout the year, a typical attribute of its privileged location in the Amazon jungle of Peru.

One of the main tourist attractions of the beautiful city of Pucallpa is its Natural Park. That is a protected area in which a large amount of flora and fauna of the Amazon are housed. The site has a unique design that has a museum, as well as different rest areas for families who visit it. In its 28 hectares, the Pucallpa Natural Park houses a total average of 400 species between plants and animals of the mysterious Peruvian jungle.

In addition to the previous one, in the urban area, Pucallpa has places such as its Plaza de Armas, a reference point of the City, which is surrounded by lush vegetation. In the same urban nucleus there is also the Plaza del Reloj Publico, near the Malecón de Pucallpa and which is a 25-meter tower at the top of which is a large clock.

In the surroundings of the city, there are other specific natural attractions (in addition to its beautiful trails and geographical accident), such as the Yarinacocha Lagoon, just 15 minutes from the city. Laguna Yarinacocha is ideal for fishing for an important variety of native fish; Likewise, in that one it is possible to find the famous red bufeo also called the pink dolphin, around which different myths arise.

Around Pucallpa Jungle in Perú, different native communities are also recognized, such as the Santa Clara Native Community, whose inhabitants, conserving their ancient traditions, still dedicate themselves to fishing, agriculture and livestock, to support their homes. Another native community is that of San Francisco, where settlers of the Shipibo-Conibo ethnic group live and that still today, as well as their inherited work activities, preserve the performance of different rituals, clothing, as well as the manufacture of handicrafts. Ultimate products that can be acquired by visitors through barter or purchase.

One more reason to visit the beautiful city of Pucallpa, lies above all in the interest in mystical tourism; Not in vain, Pucallpa Jungle in Perú is famous for its shamans or sorcerers to whom, natives, settlers and even tourists, go for help or in order to learn about their ancestral practices.

In the aforementioned communities, it is in fact possible to attend the so-called shamanic Nights (which have also been held in the Pucallpa Natural Park), and in which the famous Ayahuasca ritual is practiced, through which the concurrent interested in a special trance, through which the sorcerer or shaman is able to identify the ills that afflict him (if it is the case of the consultation) or get the patient, on a different cosmic plane, to acquire the knowledge that He is looking for and that has led him to find the ritual. It is worth saying that not everyone can perform an ayahuasca ritual and that to do so, both “doctor” and “patient” have to go through a period of austerity (and cleaning), in different senses.

What to do?

Enjoying the beautiful landscape, taking a walk around the Plaza de Armas, visiting the Agustín Rivas museum and visiting the Pucallpa Natural Park are some activities that you can do when you arrive at the site.

And, if you like waterfalls, the so-called Veil of the Bride that remains in the province of Padre Abad is a good option.

6 unmissable tourist places to see in Pucallpa

Boiling Mayantuyacu River

One of the most mysterious attractions of Peruvian nature is very close to Pucallpa. It is the Shanay Timpishka, also known as Mayantuyacu for the place where it is located and one of the most surprising tourist places in Pucallpa Jungle in Perú. This boiling river, whose waters exceed 90 degrees Celsius, draws attention due to the uncertain origin of its temperature and the healing power of its waters.

Falls Royalties

What better option to enjoy the charms and heat of the jungle than to take a good dip in the waters of one of its waterfalls? The Royalties are one of the most beautiful you can find in this region. In addition to various waterfalls, here you can jump from the top of the waterfall to the pools below and unleash all the adrenaline you had saved. You dare?

Cordillera Azul National Park

Among the wide variety of tourist places in Pucallpa Jungle in Perú where you can enjoy nature, we want to give a special mention to the Cordillera Azul National Park. This place was created to preserve the high jungle of the country and its different habitats. It is a paradise in which to discover a great variety of Peruvian flora and fauna, among which 516 species of birds stand out.

Yarinacocha Lagoon

One of the tourist places in Pucallpa Jungle in Perú with the greatest influx of visitors is the Yarinacocha lagoon, a beautiful natural destination in the region. Here, in addition to this wonderful lagoon, you can taste typical dishes such as juanes or take a boat ride for an hour for a small fee (30 soles, approximately $ 9, per boat of between 8 and 10 people).

Cashibococha Lagoon

Just a few kilometers from the Yarinacocha lagoon there is another less crowded and well-known lagoon, the Cashibocoha lagoon. This place has very few tourists and most of the people who visit it are natives of the area. Here you can see how the local people enjoy nature, fishing and playing sports. It is a perfect place to have a picnic while enjoying a beautiful sunset.

A tour of the city of Pucallpa

Poster of the city of Pucallpa in the center Although the main tourist places of Pucallpa are outside the city, we recommend that you reserve a few hours of your trip to kick the streets of the so-called “Tierra colorada”, where you will find interesting and curious attractions.

One of the things that draws the attention of Pucallpa are the decorations with Shipibo motifs. In the Municipality, for example, the external columns are decorated with drawings of this culture. The cathedral, for its part, mixes the typical art brought by the Spanish conquerors with that of the Shipibo, with a very captivating result.

In addition, we recommend you visit the Regional Museum of Pucallpa, a place full of fossil remains of different animals in the area, including a jaw of a large lizard that lived here more than 10 million years ago. If you are traveling with children, this place will leave them speechless.

How is the weather in Pucallpa?

The weather in Pucallpa is very warm, moderately rainy and with moderate thermal amplitude.

The annual mean maximum and minimum temperature (period 1950-1991) is 32.0 ° C and 20.7 ° C, respectively.

The mean annual accumulated precipitation for the period 1950-1991 is 1562.6 mm.

When is the best time to visit Pucallpa?

The best months for good weather in Pucallpa are April, May, June, July, August, September and October. On average, the warmest months are July, August, September, October and November.

How to get?


If you travel from Lima, the journey will last approximately 20 hours and the ticket will cost you from 80 to 140 soles.


There are regular flights from Lima, which are 1 hour 15 minutes and have a cost of 235 soles (depending on the airline and the date).


  • In Pucallpa almost every day of the year the sun is present, so sunscreen cannot be missing from your backpack.
  • Mosquitoes are always present, so you will need a good repellent.
  • An umbrella will be very useful because it rains unexpectedly.
  • Slippers ready for long walks should be the must-have in your suitcase.

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