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Punta Sal Beach in Perú

Are you about to go out and enjoy the vacations with your friends, like the family? Far away from Lima there are tourist places in which the heat is present 365 days a year. One of them is Tumbes, with one of the most famous and attractive beaches in the country: Punta Sal.

The Punta Sal Beach in Perú is one of the longest beaches on the northern coast of Peru; it has white and fine arena and also a sunshine throughout the year due to its location in the ecuatorial zone, as a result of its always warm waters, often just below 24 ° C.

The best of Punta Sal is an appealing beach that doesn’t have a multitude of tourists who feel like a welcoming and personal paradise. For you, it was possible to see dolphins and balls in their calm and warm waters, but you can enjoy a delicious and delicious black shellfish on another plate typical of the region.


During the whole year, the temperature averages 24 degrees. This spa is characterized by its white arenas and clean and tranquil waters. If you want to see dolphins, ballerinas and more marine fauna, you can travel between the months of July and August. It is in this season where the natural spectacle is fully appreciated.

Best time to visit Punta Sal Beach in Perú

The general climate of the Peruvian coasts is quite good throughout the year: the ideal temperatures to vacate without feeling very cold or very hot. Nevertheless, it is recommended to visit the beaches between the months of summer and summer, which is the summer season; when the temperature fluctuates between 27 and 37 ° C during the day, and between 20 and 24 ° C during the night.

As additional information so that you can plan your vacations, we can mention some interesting data: the month with the highest temperature (31 ° C approximately); the temperature is lower in August (around 20 ° C); the same as the one with the highest febrero intensity (131 millimeters); and the most dry period goes from July to October.

How to get to Punta Sal Beach in Perú?

Punta Sal is located 79 kilometers (approximately 1 hour and average) from the city of Tumbes. Since Lima has this city, the bus ride that takes about 60 soles and 20 hours of travel time on average.

On the other hand, many tourists want to take a tour of the most beautiful beaches in the north. From Lima to Piura, it takes 50 soles and the trayecto takes 16 hours. There you can visit Máncora y luego, only 20 km north, is the paradise of Punta Sal.

The beach preferred by the lovers of the summer

The entrance to Punta Sal Beach in Perú is located at kilometer 1187 from Carretera Panamericana Norte. You can tell by counting on a huge cartel of bienvenida in which one can read “Balneario turismo Punta Sal”. The cool breeze surprises tourists all year round and, due to its location, it represents one of the most peaceful spas in the region, lejos del noido de la ciudad.

It has a length of 6.5 kilometers in total and is made up of the beaches. Both of them are based on the generic name of Punta Sal, but there are also those named “Punta Sal Chica” and “Punta Sal Grande”. The first has only 1.5 km and the second 5 km.

A place for adrenaline

In Punta Sal Beach in Perú it is also possible to do a lot of water sports. Here you can practice stand up paddle, kite surfing, kayak, among other sea sports. No need to have previous experience, as these activities are practiced in the hands of a professional guide and they set the pace to follow, as in any country for anybody.

With your binoculars, you can observe the lejos, for example, the madras ballenas, learning to swim fast in their children or the male dolphins jumping in the sea up to 5 meters above the water. If you want to take a perfect photograph, here you will find the ideal scenario to capture the moment.

However, if you prefer to relax and spend a pleasant moment, consider this playa special because of its tibial waters. So you will be able to enjoy it as it is a temperate swimming pool. Camina and observes the beautiful sunset that can be seen in the horizon, many of the attractions with its companions all along the beach.

On the other hand, you can get in touch with a tourist agency that offers you the facilities and permits for fishing on a motorboat and fishing, of the main activities in this spa. When swimming you will have the opportunity to swim around the sea turtles, see the flora in the sea bottom and other things.

Gastronomy in Punta Sal Beach in Perú

Northern cuisine is one of the main reasons why thousands of tourists visit this place each year, in addition to the sun, the arena and the sea. In this part of the country, the food is distinguished by the use of the marina variety. For example, resaltan fished as el lenguado, corvina, mere, among others. Also used are langostinos, cangrejos, black shells, etc.

Among the dishes that you can taste are the black shells ceviche, the fish chilcano, the cangrejo suck, the cangrejo pulp, the tumbesino majarisco and more.

While drinking drinks, ask for the classic gooseberry mash, melon cocktail, orange guayaba and chinguirito. This last one is one of the baddest drinks and you get the coconut water with brandy. If you prefer dulces, in Punta Sal you will find many postres to enjoy. For example, use a sweet potato, the coconut with mayonnaise and the classic flavors, with fruit base.

Things to do in Punta Sal, Perú

There are a lot of things to do in Punta Sal in Perú, here are the most important things you can´t miss

Enjoy the Radiant sun, white arena and crystal clear waters

Due to its large dimensions, the beach is divided into the following areas: the first is called Punta Sal Chica (1.5 kilometers long) and the second is Punta Sal Grande (5 kilometers long). In both you can take a walk contemplating the sea horizon, give a refreshing hat in the serene tan waters, as if you were in an acclimated swimming pool, relax in the arena, enjoy the gastronomy and all the additional services offered in it place.

Feel the pure adrenaline kitesurfing in Punta Sal

In the spectacular Punta Sal beach, different water sports can be practiced, some relaxing and other extremes, suitable for everyone who wants to feel the adrenaline by the sea. Many tourists come to these beaches to practice kitesurfing, stand up paddle, kayak, buceo, boat trips and other activities that will give you a unique experience.

Capturing the best images of natureFlora and fauna in Punta Sal

If you are a lover of photography, Punta Sal will dazzle you with the best images of flora and fauna, so you can capture them with your camera and take them wherever you want to go. In these beaches, out into the sea, you will be able to enjoy jorobada ballenas and their children swimming fast, herds of dolphins that rise above the water to jump great heights, and the most unique aquatic species that you will be able to see in the underwater world of equal beauty.

Gastronomy of Punta Sal

Another point in favor of Punta Sal is its exquisite food, which is based mainly on sea products. Fish species such as el lenguado, swordfish, croaker, mere, molluscs and crustaceans such as cangrejos, langostinos and black shells stand out.


Other options for those who like to know and explore new places of interest; full of alternatives for entertainment, es Máncora: spa and town located in Punta Sal; in the far north of Piura.

This is a favorite place for surfers, as big waves come over their beaches, challenging the best experts; likewise, you can ride a horse, rent bicycles, quad bikes, and go to natural sites like the Manglares de Tumbes National Sanctuary or the Cerros de Amotape National Park. But if you are urban diversion, during the night, Máncora will become a holiday, although the bars and clubs are very lively and with multiple alternatives.

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  • Don’t forget to take your sunscreen, umbrella, caps and other resources for walking around.
  • One option will be binocular. Then you can watch the best natural spectacle of ballenas, dolphins and other types of marine animals.
  • This is one of the cleanest and most cared-for beaches in Peru. Therefore, it is important to follow the recommendations of the guides, which you will find in cartels. Between them is throwing waste into the arena or into water, there are so many special pots for recycling.



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