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Top Restaurants in Sacred Valley Perú

Peruvian cuisine has gained international recognition because not only in the city of Lima you can eat like a king. Across the country, chefs have gotten very creative, and this is true for best restaurants in Sacred Valley as well. International dishes are mixed with various local products, such as alpaca or llama, different types of beans, corn and potatoes, as well as native herbs such as muña (a plant with the aroma of eucalyptus and mint).

The dining options in the Sacred Valley have grown, and so has our list of must-try restaurants in the Ollantaytambo, Urubamba, and Pisac region. An award-winning restaurant, brewery, and coffee shop perfect for hungry travelers heading to Machu Picchu are among the newest additions! Britt Fracolli updated this article in November 2019. Check out our full list of recommended restaurant options in the article below.

Our recommendations of top restaurants in Sacred Valley Perú for when you are looking for restaurants in the Sacred Valley make your life easier, since it is a very large area and with multiple destinations, so that you do not rush to make the decision of where to go for a tasty plate of food, just keep your itinerary in mind and before hunger strikes, take a look at the following list.

Top restaurants in Sacred Valley Perú

Ollantaytambo Restaurants

On the road: Cafe Mayu

Mayu is a cafeteria located at the train station in Ollantaytambo. It is a good place to have a drink and a sandwich, a salad or a baked dessert, ideal for travelers coming and going to Machu Picchu.

The cafeteria’s premium coffee is purchased from local producers in the Cusco region and used to prepare Mayu’s delicious drinks. The baristas will even explain how their coffee beans are selected and roasted at home.

  • Address: Ollantaytambo train station
  • Hours: Open every day from 5 a.m. at 9 p.m.

Special restaurant: Chuncho (typical cuisine)

In the Quechua language, “chuncho” means “wild” and “native”. The name of the restaurant alludes to the fresh and native ingredients used to prepare the typical cuisine menu of Ollantaytambo and the Sacred Valley region.

A regional tuber stew called kapchi made with kallampa mushrooms; roast cuy, or guinea pig, is the specialty of the place; in addition to this, you can also find among the tasty dishes a vegetarian appetizer called Meriendita. Make room for dessert too and try the quinoa pudding or the chocolate truffle!

Online reservations are recommended for lunch and dinner.

  • Address: Plaza Ollantaytambo (on the corner of Chaupi Calle)
  • Hours: Open every day from 12 noon to 3 pm for lunch and from 6 pm to 9 pm for dinner.

Brewery: Cervecería del Valle Sagrado (Brewery + Bar & Grill)

Beer is a type of food, right? Cervecería del Valle Sagrado is not a restaurant, but rather a brewery where you can complement your cold craft beer with a bite. Several beers are on tap although you can also order the homemade soda. Roja con Ayrampo and Dali and Chocolate Factory (made with cocoa paste) are just some of the beer flavors, which are constantly changing within the brewery.

  • Address: Panchar (about 4 miles or 6 kilometers from Ollantaytambo.)
  • Hours: Open five days a week, from Wednesday to Sunday, from 12 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Casual coffee shop: Hearts Cafe (Coffee + Lite Food)

This quaint cafe was originally created by a British woman named Sonia Newhouse, who also created an NGO to help women and children working in the Peruvian highlands. Hearts Cafe is now under new management, but a portion of the profit generated by the business still goes directly to supporting local nonprofits, so you can spend relatively little and still feel good about it all. it goes for a good cause.

The menu ranges from breakfast plates to sandwiches and small bites.

  • Address: Avendina Ventiderio, Ollantaytambo
  • Hours: every day from 7 a.m. at 9 p.m.

Urubamba Restaurants

Special dinner: Alma Bar Restaurant (Peruvian + International + Fusion)

Alma is located exactly in the Hotel Casa Andina Premium Valle Sagrado Hotel & Villas very close to Urubamba. This spacious restaurant knows how to combine the modern atmosphere and the Andean style. The floor-to-ceiling windows will allow you to enjoy views of the mountains and gardens during the day while enjoying the taste of a Pisco Sour or a Chilcano.

During the night enjoy the folkloric sounds of Andean music: Andean flute players, singers and even a blind harpist will give the place a pleasant atmosphere.

The meal includes various classic Peruvian dishes such as lomo saltado and ají de gallina, as well as offering various international cuisine options. We recommend trying the dishes that include trout, ravioli, and salads. Smoked trout and cheese tequeños are a mandatory appetizer to share with friends.

  • Address: 5to Paradero (5th stop) Yanahuara, Urubamba
  • Hours: Open every day from 5 am to 10 pm.

Luxury dinner: Mil Centro (Andean + Peruvian)

Mil is Chef Virgilio Martínez’s most audacious gastronomic concept to date. Away from the bustling streets of Lima, where its other renowned Central and Kjolle restaurants are located, Mil embraces Andean flavors, high altitudes and the tranquil atmosphere of the Sacred Valley.

The restaurant’s impressive venue and delicious eight-course tasting menu come together to create an impressive dining experience. Announced in October 2019, Mil is ranked number 36 of the 50 best restaurants in Latin America.

Mil has a view towards the archaeological site of Moray. The circular terraces of Moray, carved out of a high altitude plateau, were probably used by the Incas as a crop research center, each terrace is capable of hosting a unique microclimate suitable for the growth of different types of crops. Similarly, the variety of native ingredients incorporated into each dish on Mil’s tasting menu is a reflection of the diversity of crops that can grow in high-altitude ecosystems.

The video featured by Dezeen magazine emphasizes the breathtaking natural beauty and tranquility that surrounds Mil. Check out the impressive drone shot (starting at 1:35 AM) that drifts away from the restaurant’s patio and slowly reveals Moray’s neighboring circular terraces.

Preparation and culinary presentations are the main focus within Mil’s thatched roof and thick adobe walls. A vegetarian variant of the menu is available, choose an alcoholic drink or perhaps some fresh juices and teas, while the children’s menu comes with dessert and a drink.

  • Address: Moray archaeological site (about 12 miles or 23 kilometers from Urubamba, and 90 minutes by car from Cusco).
  • Hours: Open six days a week, Tuesday to Sunday, from 12 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Casual Dinner: Paca Paca (Peruvian + Italian)

Paca Paca is one of the few restaurants in Urubamba that is open on Sunday nights. (Many options close after lunch). Overall, Paca Paca has excellent quality food, a pleasant atmosphere, and friendly staff, all at a great price.

As you go up to the second floor of an old house, you enter a cozy, artistic and original atmosphere. The décor includes crafts from local artisans that can be purchased directly from the restaurant. Paca Paca is a small and intimate restaurant that finds the warmth of the friendly staff, as well as the traditional adobe pizza oven: a perfect escape from the cold nights in Urubamba.

The menu is varied and includes traditional Peruvian dishes, pizzas, and servings of pasta. The pizzas are made with a thin crust and topped with fresh ingredients. The appetizers include soups, salads and the spring rolls are great. One of the recommended dishes is the ravioli stuffed with broad beans (similar to broad beans) with blue cheese: a creative Italian-Peruvian fusion dish.

  • Address: Av. Mariscal Castilla 640, Urubamba
  • Hours: Open six days a week, Tuesday through Sunday, 1 p.m. at 9 p.m.

Special dinner: Q’anela (Peruvian + Steakhouse + Fusion)

Q’anela is pronounced “kah-ne-la”. Since the restaurant’s inception in 2012, the chefs have used fresh ingredients sourced from local markets or from their herb garden. This is one of the for best restaurants in Sacred Valley.

Located two blocks from the central square of Urubamba, Q’anela restaurant is a small place run and managed by women that one must discover in the Sacred Valley. When you walk into the back of the restaurant, you find a cozy atmosphere with a lush garden and green patio. The handmade textiles are for sale, and the proceeds support the local Quechua communities in the Sacred Valley who make them.

Make sure you come to Q’anela with an appetite as the portions are generous and everything is tasty. Enjoy the entrance of fava beans with Maras salt, which are local and delicious foods. Other star dishes include the ají de gallina lasagna, the lomo saltado made with alpaca, the alpaca filet and the tiradito de trout appetizer.

  • Address: Jr. Grau 654, Urubamba
  • Hours: Open every day from 12 noon to 11 at night.

Pisac Restaurants

Casual dinner: Antica Osteria Pisac (Pizza + Italian + Desserts)

Freshly baked pizza, different types of handmade pasta, and Instagram-worthy chocolate desserts are Antica Osteria’s specialties. Open only during dinner, you can include the three house specialties in a pleasant dinner in Pisac.

  • Address: Avenida Federico Zamallosa (without number), Pisac
  • Hours: Open six days a week, Tuesday through Sunday from 5 p.m. at 10 p.m.

Special dinner: Cuchara de Palo (Peruvian)

Cuchara de Palo is on the first floor of the Pisac Inn, right in front of the central plaza. When you enter the restaurant, it seems to be a bit small, but as you walk towards the back you discover a whole new world: a large terrace with tall plants, cacti and flowers everywhere.

Everything on the menu is made with organic, locally grown produce, and the dishes are beautifully presented. The cheese tequeños with spicy avocado sauce are the perfect starter. All dishes are served generously, and the alpaca and trout are a must! (in any sauce or with any garnish). There are also special dishes for vegetarians like sautéed quinoa, a variety of hot soups and colorful salads.

  • Address: Plaza de Pisac
  • Hours: Open every day from 7 a.m. at 9 p.m. The last order is at 8:30 p.m.

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