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Zorritos Beach in Perú

The Zorritos Beach in Perú is located 28 km from Tumbes. Here in the corridors the “El Niño” or Ecuatorial marina in the water that faces the water and the sensation is more tropical than the beaches. With a big mal, its divine play, quiet and peaceful.

Various accommodation and restaurants offer their services, much to the sea shores. It is an alternative for those looking for a good play for the bathroom, relationship and surroundings with the city of Tumbes and the border with Ecuador. From here you can access Hervideros, a concentration of small natural pools of thermal waters.

In the summer months (November to April) there are some interesting surf points, usually with people in the water.

Zorritos Beach in Perú has bus agencies, pharmacies, mini markets and in general all the basics for you to enjoy your vacations in a warm and quiet place.

Zorritos Beach in Perú is one of the favorite beaches that is located in the department of Tumbes, in the North of Peru. Playa Zorritos is a very peaceful beach that has equally calm waters around the coast, ideal to be able to give a pleasant bath, thanks to its climate warm caused by the presence of the called Corriente del Niño.

Children have a play area of ​​fine light-colored arena and a sea of ​​rocks or rocks that have been difficult for visitors to swim. Other activities that are conducive to the sea of ​​Zorritos are to the beach and surf, in certain areas of the spa.

As this play is a place considered paradisiacal, that calls the attention of visitors who seek a space in which to live the intense bulldog of great cities and the scandal of large groups; that has different attractive accommodations that fit all the pockets and that present all the amenities so that the visitor can enjoy a pleasant stay in the spa.

When is the best time to visit Zorritos Beach in Perú?

The high season in Peru begins in February and lasts until April. It is summer in South America right now. Ocean water warms up to + 24˚С. The air temperature sometimes reaches + 40˚С, but the winds get stronger. The rest of the time, the ocean water is cool, not higher than + 18˚С. If you are going for a beach vacation, you will not find a better time than in our winter months.

What to do in Zorritos Beach in Perú

The Zorritos Beach in Perú invite us relaxation and rest. Enjoy the best care in your hotels and hostels as you rest in one of the most peaceful seas in Peru.

Do not forget, anywhere, to enjoy the rich gastronomy of the coast, like the black shellfish ceviche (the real ceviche).

Enjoy the Zorritos Beach in Perú

The temperature of the waters of Zorritos is a warm and relaxing 26 degrees on average. Its beaches have fine white sand and gentle waves that relax any tension. The most active can also practice marine sports such as surfing and motor boating.

The Zorritos Beach in Perú seems to have no end, when it is calm it becomes a mirror between the sky and the sand, but always warm, blue, clean, it is impossible not to be delighted with it. Although the town of Zorritos occupies only one part, and is a place of fishermen, with a simple life, it seems that the whirlwind of modern life has not yet reached this place.

In Zorritos there are many plans, but they all begin and end at sea. In its surroundings you can enjoy its hot springs called “Hervideros” divided into various pools with mud with healing properties, also there you will meet a herd of foxes that frequent the place that, due to their small size, give the area its name.

One last thing: for nothing in the world stop enjoying the sunsets in Zorritos. They are simply incredible and it is the best time to take a bath in the sea, because the color of the sky is so intense that it seems that fire is born in the water. Another spectacle is its moonlit nights or its starry skies, they deserve to stay talking under its light for hours, because it is clear, clean and with little light around that interferes with the view

How to get to Zorritos Beach in Perú?

Zorritos Beach in Perú is 26 kilometers away from the city of Tumbes. There are several transports to reach the area, from Tumbes to Piura.

To be able to pick up this playa de Tumbes, the visitor has to go up to the height of kilometer 1240 of Panamericana Norte, from where it follows through a deviation of one kilometer to the beach. This beach can be visited at any time of the year, as long as you have to remember that between you and me, some slaves are registered in the place.

What to eat in Zorritos Beach in Perú?

If you choose to eat traditional food from this beach resort, it is recommended to ask the chef, the person in charge of serving you in the restaurant that comes, the exquisite ceviche de mero, the favorite fish from the coast of Zorritos, which can also be tasted in sudado.

The gastronomic offer of Zorritos is simple, tasty and substantial, where shells, prawns, octopus and fish are the kings of the table, always accompanied by banana and yucca, as well as a touch of coriander. Another of its attractions is the quality of its fruits, many from nearby farms, raised without pesticides or chemicals. And that shows. In addition, it is well worth going around the fishing port, where you will see how this activity is carried out in a traditional way and buy fresh fish from the sea. That is freshness!

Tips to visit Zorritos Beach in Perú

Zorritos Beach in Perú is among the most cared for beaches in Peru. It is recommended to carry bags or containers to dispose of the waste properly.

Visiting the wonders of the beautiful country of Peru is always a real adventure whose protagonist will be your mum, a memorable experience worthy of being told and it has so many wonderful wonders. We recommend you to visit another impressive destinations in Cusco like the tour to rainbow mountain peru or the humantay lake tour from cusco, which only takes one day. But if you are gonna to stay more days in Perú, other archaeological places you can know will be the choquequirao trek peru, the salkantay trek to machu picchu, and the classic inca trail 4 days 3 nights.

Other places to visit near Zorritos

Punta Sal

One of the most beautiful spas in northern Peru is Punta Sal. Its beach is very wide and the sea quite calm, ideal to enjoy with the whole family. I recommend that you take an entertaining boat tour (from 15 soles per person), where you will get to know the most outstanding places and they will tell you a little about the history of Punta Sal. If you go between the months of August and October you can even spot whales and dolphins.

Puerto pizarro and its mangroves

Located just 20 minutes from the city of Tumbes (kilometer 1280). Here there is a fishermen’s cove where you can board a boat and take a walk among the mangroves: a great ecosystem of islands and aquatic forests formed by the mangrove tree.

The main islands of Puerto Pizarro are that of Amor and Hueso de Ballena, in the latter we can disembark and have lunch at its restaurant that has a varied and exquisite menu. While you wait for your food, enjoy fun water games like the flying banana, go for a ride on a jet ski or simply cool off and relax in the sea, which due to the mangroves has practically become a peaceful and huge lake. You can also visit the great island of birds and finally enjoy the impressive sunset in the mangrove swamp.



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