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Mancora Beach in Perú

Máncora is a Beach in Perú; in the last years it has become one of the most visited beaches by national and international tourists, its waters and waters are ideal for surfing and sea sports such as beach and bodyboarding, as well as adventure tourism. Las playas tienen arena blanca semi orange and a dry tropical climate right on the north coast of Peru, ideal to be visited at any time of the year.

In addition to being able to relax in your playas, we can visit Máncora Chico or Las Pocitas, where the sea forms natural pools between the rocks when the sea is low. The tranquility of these beaches is recommended both for families and couples. Accommodation and services from the cheapest hotels in the city as well as the most exclusive hotels and resorts around the beach.

The anchor on the ground is synonymous with beaches, in addition to the different activities that can be done in the locality, such as the purchase of handicrafts in the pueblo handicraft market, the typical marina gastronomy is one of the most unusual places in the area Its cold and warm water attracts diverse pieces that make dishes that can be tasted, really unmissable.

For yourself, you can also visit Máncora for adventure tourism in the Fund La Caprichosa, where you can do a zipline and lecture; You can also take a walk through the dry forest in the Fernández village, 20 minutes from Máncora, this walking path ends in a natural waterfall that forms lagoons between the rocks in the place known as Los Pilares de la Quebrada Fernández.


The Máncora Beach in Perú is 187 kilometers from the city of Piura, capital of the region. However, Máncora Beach in Perú is quite bad in the north in the region, but close to the department of Tumbes. The fisherman’s shed and the beach of Máncora is located at the height of kilometer 1164 of the Panamericana Norte car.

Weather in Máncora 

From May to May the weather in Máncora is splendid. The temperature rises up to 30 ° C and you can expect to have 19mm of precipitation / month during this period.

Between June and November the weather in Máncora is very good. At night, the temperature averages 21 ° C and takes about 5mm each month.

In the month of the weather in Máncora is good, the thermometer rises up to 29 ° C and takes about 14mm each month.

What is the best season to go?

You can go to Máncora at any time, you are allowed 365 days of the year for the best season to go and enjoy this beautiful beach at the end of the year, as the current marina creates gigantic waters, the depth and the clarity of your the waters of the sea provide for underwater fishing and geography, with different ecological paradises in the land, and the charm of nature lovers.

How to get there?

In a private car the bus

From the city of Lima there are several buses that offer the direct service Lima – Máncora, the travel time is 16 to 18 hours. From nearby towns like Piura, Tumbes and Talara there are also several buses. There are also buses available from Guayaquil, Ecuador. To move around the city it is recommended to go on foot, on cheap motorbikes or on a taxi to the paved roads.

By air

From Lima you can also take a flight to one of the three airports near Máncora, these are the Tumbes, Piura and Talara airports, the travel time varies between 1 hour and 40 minutes to 1 hour and 55 minutes. The Piura airport offers 6 to 8 daily flights, which is different from others than only the daily flights. From these cities you can take a taxi or a minivan (collective) up to the town of Máncora.

Attractions in Máncora Beach in Perú:

  • Buceo and Surf: Due to the benign dry-tropical tan climate of Máncora if you can do buceo and surf off this beautiful beach, the olas del mar are quite apt to carry out these activities in the best way.
  • Bodyboarding: Bodyboarding is a sport based on sliding on the surface of the hollow wall with a board. Its size can vary depending on the height and weight of the sportsman.
  • Food: The northern marina food (Sechura, Paita, Piura y Tumbes) from Peru is one of the most varied beaches on the coast and has the privilege of having the sea currents all over the year (Humboldt’s cold and Niño heat).
  • Craftsmanship: You can also buy some handmade crafts with marine resources from the popular Máncora craft walk.

Surf in Máncora 

There is no need to surf what you have on a board to enter the world of northern surfing (if you have the board and break as a water tamer who is good for you, follow it!). On the beaches you will find surf guides or private instructors who will help you give your first steps on the board in the sea.

Water Sports in Máncora

If you think the offer for aquatic sportsmen was limited to practice surf in Máncora, you are wrong…


It is a variant of the surfing practice in Máncora, where a traction comet is attached to the body, for the purpose of which the strong winds that soplan in the sea of ​​Máncora, elevate the participant to have the stratosphere between them small table over the water.

Recommended for flying surfers.

Paddle Surfing

The simple paddle surf in Máncora, is… paddle surf.

As indicated by the super creative and original name, this surf variant consists of using a paddle to drive and balance the board in the middle of the sea.

Practicing is much easier than practicing regular surfing, you don’t have to be a balance teacher to stand still and paddle over the board. Besides, unlimited fun is not dependent on the wind and the whim of the sea like surfing and kitesurfing.

Beaches near Máncora to practice surf

You have just started the section like the sir of the article, for surfers looking for advanced information, pro and with steroids.

Here we will tell you where you will find the most impressive eyes, close to perfection, and what predictions you should take so that you can experience every winner.

Cabo Blanco Beach

Legendary and very contested by the most experienced surfers, the Cabo Blanco beach straightens you with the water that can reach 3 meters.

Add to this playa on the ground llegan the most adventurous deportistas. If you are looking for a place worthy of being tamed, you can grab here, here you will find a tubular reef break that will transport you to the world of adrenaline (the hospital… these are only recommended for very surfers, but very advanced, but these are very popular) to break over a piedras nest).

Its sea is cold, but temperatures are between 28 ° C and 24.4 ° C. If you have planned to pass a mouse in the water, it is recommended to wear armor, a good suit.

The most recommendable months for surfing practice in this play are between octubre and enero, due to the fact that there is a better oil, with spectacular beliefs (ok, however, but I was out of town). Swell between October and April.


For novice and intermediate level surfers, it is characterized by its ola pointbreak, with regular tubes and a sea in aggressive tan, with swell all over the year.

Panic point

The reef break is from another planet, but it comes with a lot of strength, generating excellent tube sections. Las olas pueden llegar up to 4 meters, all a beautiful bestiality for the most advanced surfers, who never get rid of their tabla. The swell comes from April to October, as the surfers who want to spend a lot of surf in Máncora can switch between Cabo Blanco and Panic Point to challenge Poseidón.

Visiting the wonders of the beautiful country of Peru is always a real adventure whose protagonist will be your mum, a memorable experience worthy of being told and it has so many wonderful wonders. We recommend you to visit another impressive destinations in Cusco like the tour to rainbow mountain peru or the humantay lake tour from cusco, which only takes one day. But if you are gonna to stay more days in Perú, other archaeological places you can know will be the choquequirao trek peru, the salkantay trek to machu picchu, and the classic inca trail 4 days 3 nights.



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