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Perú International Flights

The government of Perú announced that it will resume International Flights on Monday after almost seven months of closure due to the pandemic. There will be seven Latin American countries to which you can go, but Argentina does not appear.

“In the restart of Perú International Flights as of next week, we will start with seven countries: Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia and Chile,” said President Martín Vizcarra at a press conference.

There are “seven countries and eleven destinations because in some countries international flights go to more than one city,” said the president.

Perú will resume International Flights with Latin American countries

The closure of borders, decreed on March 16, involved a serious blow to the prosperous Peruvian tourism sector.

Vizcarra had announced last Friday that the resumption of flights would be on October 5, but had not specified which countries would be.

The president explained this Wednesday that commercial flights “of roundtrip of passengers with a range of up to four hours of flight will be allowed. This is what has been estimated. There is a protocol for these flights between the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Transport. “.

For its part, the Transport Ministry said that there will be between 70 and 75 weekly international flights, less than 15% of the frequencies that existed before the pandemic broke out in Peru.

The Minister of Transport, Carlos Estremadoyro, indicated that the year would close with some 167 flights per week.

The authorized destinations for Perú International Flights are Guayaquil and Quito (Ecuador); La Paz and Santa Cruz (Bolivia); Bogotá, Cali and Medellín (Colombia); Panama City (Panama); Asuncion, Paraguay); Montevideo (Uruguay) and Santiago (Chile).

The Peruvian government had indicated on August 17 that it would resume international flights when the cases of the new coronavirus decreased, which has been happening gradually since the last week of August.

Vizcarra also announced that as of Monday the quarantine will be lifted in the Andean provinces of Abancay and Huamanga, and the jungle of Huánuco.

In these three provinces, in which the Sunday curfew will be maintained, almost 700,000 people live. In the rest of the country, the confinement was lifted on June 30.

With 33 million inhabitants, the country is the third in Latin America in cases of coronavirus (811,768) behind Brazil and Colombia. It is also third in deaths (32,396) after the South American giant and Mexico.

However, proportionally to its population, Peru has the highest death rate from coronavirus in the world (101.05 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants), according to the ranking published by the Johns Hopkins University of the United States, a reference center.

What is the price of the tickets for Perú International Flights?


According to the Latam website, flights for Chile have been scheduled for the entire first week of reactivation. For this first flight start stage, the ticket to Santiago de Chile costs between US $ 77 and US $ 215 one way.

Likewise, the airline Sky Airlines indicates on its website that it has scheduled flights with prices from US $ 50 to US $ 99 for the first week. The highest price corresponds to that of October 5, the first day of travel.


In the case of Ecuador, according to the Latam website, it has scheduled flights to Quito for next Thursday 08 and Saturday 10 October. The price of the one-way ticket varies from US $ 347 to US $ 880.

While, for Guayaquil the price of the one-way ticket is US $ 401 and US $ 720.


In the case of Uruguay, specifically Montevideo, the flights with Latam would be scheduled from next Thursday 08. The prices of the one-way tickets will be around US $ 369 in the first week.


Only one flight to Bolivia has been scheduled with the Latam airline and it would take place next Thursday 08. The prices of one-way tickets are around US $ 194.


For Colombia, there are still no flights scheduled for next week. However, the Latam airline indicates that they will have trips to Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, starting next Thursday, October 15. Prices will be between US $ 652 and US $ 1,215.

For its part, Viva Air has flights to Bogotá from that same date at about S / 994.

Finally, to destinations such as Panama and Paraguay, there are still no flight dates set for next week.

It should be noted that these prices may vary from one moment to another, depending on demand.

What requirements are demanded in Perú International Flights?

In the passenger arena, the most important directive is the permanent use of a mask. Facial protection will also be used inside the plane. Another novelty is that a quarantine will not be necessary if the passenger does not present symptoms of coronavirus. Here the total guidelines:

  • Mandatory use of a mask at the airport. On the plane, you must wear a mask and face shield.
  • The mask can only be removed when eating food or drinks. In addition, passengers may be required to remove the mask for a short time to compare their face with the photo of the travel document, such as the passport.
  • The passenger who travels must show a negative result of a molecular test carried out within 72 hours before departure. The same requirement for passengers arriving in Peru.
  • Travelers, crew members and airport personnel in general should be urged to detect a person with symptoms compatible with COVID-19, they will not be able to make the trip. This requirement is indistinct for all passengers.
  • Travelers must fill out the “Electronic Health Affidavit, and commitment to isolate or quarantine the traveler” in the 72 hours prior to the flight.
  • Failure to use a mask or the instructions given by the airlines, the airport or others, may lead to the cancellation of the boarding or cause to reject the passenger’s boarding to the Peruvian state.
  • Passengers who do not show symptoms upon arrival in Peru will not comply with the quarantine. But they maintain the commitment to communicate to the health authority of their jurisdiction if they present symptoms, within 14 days of their arrival in the country.
  • If the passenger has symptoms, they must complete 14 days of mandatory isolation at the home or accommodation of their choice.
  • The air operator must make announcements about preventive measures that passengers must maintain during the flight, upon arrival and in the destination country.
  • The person who provides false information in the affidavit will be subject to the corresponding administrative, civil and criminal sanctions.
  • Departing from Peru, and before entering the ship, passengers on connecting flights must always wear a mask and face shield.
  • Passengers passing through Peru on connecting flights must present a negative molecular test only if the destination country requires it. It is not required to fill out an affidavit.

These are the tips you should keep in mind for Perú International Flights

What steps to follow?

A great challenge for the tourism sector, one of the most affected by the pandemic, is to find a way to make travel viable.

Given the similar reopening of borders in several countries, the UNWTO has indicated four steps to travel while minimizing risks:

Step 1

  • Find information on health requirements and procedures in the country of origin, travel providers and destination.
  • Know the information about cancellations and policies in cases of illness during the trip or at the destination.
  • Know which are the data exchange applications to download to the phone (national tracking applications).

Step 2

  • Pay for local transport avoiding contact.
  • Take into account the rules of physical distancing.
  • Know and respect the protocols in force in local means of transport.

Step 3

  • Prior check-in and boarding without contact with a pre-assigned seat.
  • Limit hand luggage to the use of the upper compartments.
  • Border control should be without physical contact when the traveler leaves his country.
  • The operation of the transport infrastructure must be adapted to physical distancing and current health regulations.

Step 4

  • Download the tracking applications available in the destinations.
  • Respect the health protocols throughout the chain (accommodation, transport, restaurants, points of attraction).
  • Payments and check-in must be made without physical contact.
  • Tickets and reservations for visits and entertainment activities must be made online
  • Communication on the protocols and regulations in force at all contact points must be clear.
  • A text message should be sent to the visitors’ phone upon arrival to inform them of the rules and regulations in force at the national or local level.

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